Wardrobe Styling

In 2014, Alexa began to study Fashion Design at the The House of Sanchez Fashion School, learning about fabrics, sewing techniques, and quality. Her education in Fashion Design is ongoing and she hopes to create her own brand in the future. She also interned for The House of Perna, under Fashion Designer, Amanda Perna, who was on season 9 & 14 of the show Project Runway. She studied under famous Celebrity Stylist, Anita Patricikson, in 2016 at the world renowned Conde Nast Building in New York City for an intensive workshop on Wardrobe styling for all body types and shapes. With her knowledge alexa specializes in personal shopping, everyday wear, special occasions, closet clean outs, & organization. Alexa will use the clients preferences and her expertise to make her clients feel absolutely beautiful whether it's everyday or a special occasion!

Consultations are free & can be done over the phone or in person.




Closet Clean Out

A lot of people have a hard time cleaning out their closet on their own... so do not fret. This process can be very freeing and actually take a lot of weight off of your shoulders by having a cleaner and more organized closet to walk into.

1. Go through your closet with Alexa. Discarding out of date clothing and anything that my need a revamp. Afterwards, she will reorganize your entire closet so that you have a fresh new start!

2. Alexa will go through your clothing on her own and reorganize your whole closet. If you'd like the clothes will be set aside for you if you'd like see what has been taken out.  

You get to decide whether the clothing/ accesories  get donated or sold online so that you can make some extra money.

The Closet Clean Out option can be paired with a Wardrobe Update to replace the old clothes with something new!

Wardrobe Update

Every woman is different... Some women update their clothing every season, some once a year, and some every other week. The Wardrobe Update will allow you to collect some beautiful pieces ranging from casual wear, work out clothing, evening outfits, etc. No matter what your budget is, the perfect outfits are out there for you.

Alexa will prompt you with a few questions before your wardrobe update to personalize the experience. Clothing will be based on what is flattering for your body shape, your own personal style, your budget, and the colours you love. 

1. Alexa shops for you: Alexa will gather your size info, what kind of clothing you need, learn about your personal style, discuss your budget, and your likes & dislikes. Alexa will attend different stores to gather some pieces for you so that you may try them on at the comfort of your own home.
This is for the busy woman or the women who doesn't want to have to shop!

2. Go shopping together: Before any shopping begins, you will discuss what stores you will go to, what your budget is, your likes & dislikes, and what kind of clothing you need. Alexa will go shopping with you and assist you in decision making, this way you may choose from the stores full variety of clothing. This is a fun day with just you, your personal stylist, & clothes!

All returns can also be done by Alexa.


Special Occasion

Every woman would like to look absolutely stunning on special occasions. When you look good, you feel amazing! 
Alexa can assist you in coming up with a full look for your special occasion or just the perfect dress.

1. Alexa shops for you: You'll discuss your sizing, what style you're going for, what you'd like to wear, what dress styles & what colors flatter you best. She will go to various stores to gather some beautiful pieces for you so that you may try them on in the comfort of your home. 

2. Go shopping together: Alexa will discuss what kind of style you're going for, what you enjoy wearing, and what colors flatter you best. 
Once there's an idea of what you'd like your look to be, Alexa will find different stores that provide that style and assist you in making the decision between some gorgeous pieces!

Any returns can also be done by Alexa.